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This page consists of all of my projects that I have done the past 7 years. Each project consists of intensive research, carefully put together mood boards, range review, technical illustrations and conscious pattern making & sewing.

Launched in 2017, monature is about sustainability and bringing people together with nature. Colliding the manmade and the organic as one modern nature while portraying the peaceful co-existence between nature and the inanimate. The natural world and industrial worlds are directly impacting and changing one another. This link creates relationships, adaptions, transformations and conflicts for balance within the new hybrid environment. Modern Nature.


This project focuses on modern and traditional tailoring techniques. The project is inspired by the world of geometry. 



This collection was created for the future in 2037. And is inspired by my research on the fashion industry dyeing factories that was polluting one of the major rivers in Philippines (Telluhan River). This inspired the project to use different types of natural dyes from everyday fruits and vegetables. Using this technique to create beautiful colours that last a life time and does not hurt the environment and the user. The project consists of designs that are modular for easy styling, wearability and longevity.


This project focus on the theories and designs about the negative and positive aura that surrounds death. Fashion has more recently begun engaging the topic of death as an artistic muse.



This project is inspired by modern and traditional couture techniques.

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